About Me

Shannon Chrisman

Shannon Chrisman, age , comes from an artistic family in many fields. Her mother, internationally known Kathleen Chrisman, got her interested in being creative at a very young age. Shannon self-taught herself hand sewing at age seven and began learning how to string beads soon after. Since then, she’s experimented with many different areas of creativity including quilting, bead work, painting, food decorating, spray paint art and many more.
In 2011 she came across a new area of art that she has been perfecting ever since: Crayon art. Originally she worked only with canvases, melting crayons into beautiful pieces of art work. She enjoyed it for a long time, but eventually she moved on to creating a style that was entirely her own; melted crayon art jewelry. Using bezels and up cycled metal works she makes her own jewelry that features a small piece of her artwork. She hopes to one day make her own bezels out of high quality metals and start her own professional jewelry line.

Her other hobbies include writing, singing and photography.

Patrick Bartholomew

Patrick is years old and has been teaching himself computer science and technology for the past years. Patrick fixed his first dead computer, unassisted, at the age of 12. As of today he has worked on many computers and in many areas; from repairs of all kinds to building and using custom Linux operating systems. Currently he is engaging himself in learning multiple programming languages and is attempting to master the web triad of HTML, CSS, and Javascript as well as two other languages: MySQL, and PHP. His future plans are to gain certification in as many computer fields as possible, including but not limited to: CompTia’s A+, Network +, Security +, Linux +, and CEH.